Meet Astrid

Astrid writes about modern women in the modern world. Her books have sold in every major English speaking market to commercial acclaim.

Astrid believes in living dreams and never compromising on the important stuff. She loves turning things upside down. She works in the playroom, plays in the kitchen and loves quirk.

Her next novel will be released in March 2020.


White Knights

On Wall Street, everything has its price.

When Emma gets a backdoor onto Wall Street, her dream job looks within reach. But investment banking is a nightmare. Sexism runs rampant and money rules. But Emma isn’t a quitter. She’ll do what it takes.

Emma secures a unicorn tech deal and her world explodes with opportunity. As she hits her stride, Manhattan transforms. She slips up but pulls through. When a hostile takeover is launched, everything is threatened. As Emma fights the black knight, she faces more personal battles.

In a world where everything has a price, Emma needs to ask herself what it’s all worth.

Better the Devil

In Johannesburg, a hood is more than where you live. It’s what you are.

When Kate’s activist father is murdered in current day Johannesburg, she returns to a captured state. Everything is about power, patronage and corruption. Kate discovers her father was killed because of what others thought he knew. She approaches friends, family and acquaintances. Some are sympathetic and possess knowledge and influence, others have an agenda. When Kate uncovers that her father knew his killer, and she does too, she’s shoved into action.

As Kate hunts a powerful politician, she realizes his skeleton is hidden in their shared past. The closer Kate gets to connecting past and present, the more she realizes that to make it out alive, she’ll need to confront her own dark fears.

Behind Closed Doors

Revenge is best served on the rocks.

When Olivia and Charlie put an offer on their dream home, their life is made perfect. Two achieving children and two ascending careers. The seller of the multi-million pound renovated detached house in Holland Park is the rising star architect Frida. When the women meet, they recognize each other from their daughters’ prep school. As their lives converge, the women start to compete. In their set, everything is about appearance.

When betrayal shatters their curated lives, one woman gets mad and the other gets even.