Meet Astrid

Astrid writes about women for women. She writes about rule breakers and change makers, women who pursue dreams and break stereotypes. She loves the contradictions of the modern world and writes about them from a female perspective.

Astrid enjoys turning things upside down. She works in the playroom, plays in the kitchen and delights in proving nothing is impossible.

Her novels are easy to read and difficult to forget.


White Knights

On Wall Street, everything has its price.

When Emma gets a backdoor onto Wall Street, her dream job looks within reach. She might not be that girl yet, but she has every intention of being taken seriously one day. Except that this is investment banking, and she is everything you’re not supposed to be. She is young, blonde and female.

Emma isn’t about to quit. When she’s given a chance, Emma plays smart and sassy. She lands a unicorn tech deal, and her world explodes with opportunity. But Emma doesn’t understand that on Wall Street, high stakes means one winner.

In a world where everything has a price, Emma needs to ask herself what it’s all worth. Or whether it’s worth anything at all?

Better the Devil

In Johannesburg, a hood is more than where you live. It’s what you are.

When Thandi’s father is murdered in current day Johannesburg, she returns to a captured state. Everything is about power, patronage and corruption. Thandi discovers her father was killed because of what others thought he knew. She approaches friends, family and acquaintances. Some are sympathetic and possess knowledge and influence, others have an agenda. When Thandi uncovers that her father knew his killer, and she does too, she’s shoved into action.

As Thandi hunts a powerful politician, she realizes his skeleton is hidden in their shared past. The closer Thandi gets to connecting past and present, the more she realizes that to make it out alive, she must confront her own dark fears.

Behind Closed Doors

Revenge is best served on the rocks.

When Olivia and Rahul’s offer on their dream home is accepted, their life is made perfect. The London property is a space infused with light and optimism, the perfect stage for Olivia to ingratiate herself into a society that doesn’t accept her.

The house was designed by the rising star architect Frida. Frida is everything that Olivia aspires to be. Successful, enigmatic and adored by society. But Frida is fighting a bitter custody battle and she’ll do anything to destroy her philandering partner.

When the women meet at their children’s school, they embark on a toxic friendship. Boundaries are blurred and agendas hidden. As their games escalate, so do the stakes.

When tragedy strikes, the women have a choice. Continue as they are and face the consequences, or team up and fight for change.