About Astrid Fleming

Astrid has written a handful of novels and has even ceremonially burnt one. She has learnt that writing psychological thrillers like BETTER THE DEVIL shouldn’t be done late at night; that everybody loves a happy ending (even if they don’t admit it) and that it’s not only entrepreneurs that need grit and tenacity.

Along with her failures (like that burnt manuscript) have been successes. She was awarded a scholarship for prose writing through Lancaster University in 2004. She was shortlisted in a national short story competition. Her novel WHITE KNIGHTS inspired huge volumes of reader emails that explained why the novel had resonated and – often – how the book had inspired personal change. It was an unexpected example of the power and alchemy of ideas.

Astrid believes in living dreams and never compromising on the important stuff. She always has millions of balls in the air and she likes it that way. When she emerges from her creative snuggery, Astrid can be found bouncing about with her kids, twisting herself into yoga knots and building businesses that aim to change the world.

Some of her in-progress writing projects include a love story to rival Anna Karenina; a middle grade novel about learning to love your quirk; and a medical biography.